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October 22, 2012 / artonalark

The Book of Charms – Getting started

ImageNormally, I pretty much create any which way without much planning. For this book I suggest you start with a plan. Choose 4 to 6 items that will be your charms or the dimensional objects that focus your story or theme. You don’t have to have a theme, it’s whatever you want. I picked “The Sea” based on the mermaid vial that a friend gave me and a shell bracelet my grandmother brought me from Florida over 40 years ago. Also I am using a “doubloon”, a key, vellum envelopes with various stuff and some feathers.



First, I guesstimated the depth of the objects I chose and where to put them in my book. I clipped the pages into the blocks I would need. Now it’s a good idea to decide what kind of niche you will cut for your charms.  You will want to cut one in the back block, the back cover makes a great back for a heavier charm. Same thing with the front of your book, or you can cut through the front cover and mount your item to be seen when the book is closed.


Your middle niches are a little more complicated. You may want to suspend an item in the niche (more like a window) so it can be seen from both sides, you could use the mica, vellum or transparencies to create a barrier to keep the charm within. You might want to cut only partway through and mount your charm with a backing that is either pages you didn’t cut through, or another piece of paper as a backing.


Once I had my main blocks clipped, I then took 10 pages out of the blocks for the front and 10 for the back of each section.

The pages are more delicate than I originally thought and need to be glued together for some stability. These smaller blocks of 10 are to be glued together page by page and later glued to the front and backs of the niches you cut for a more finished look. (Don’t worry, more explanation to come)


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