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October 24, 2012 / artonalark

Book of Charms – Cutting Niches

Once your blocks have dried, remove the clips and check they are glued together all around, if not, more glue!


Use a pencil to lightly mark the edges of your niche on the top of your block. Don’t worry about the marks or cutting it perfectly, that’s one of the reasons for the 10 pages in between each section. (Don’t worry, we’ll get there) The pages in the yearbooks are so delicate that they will “cut” just with a sharp pencil, so be careful.


When cutting niches, REMEMBER YOUR CUTTING MAT!!!! Place the mat behind the area you are cutting. DO NOT FORGET!

I use my metal edge ruler and a craft knife to cut. Make sure you have a sharp blade, you might have to change your blade 2 or 3 times while cutting niches, if you feel any drag or your pages are tearing where you cut, CHANGE YOUR BLADE. I know, I feel wasteful too, but I don’t change mine enough and I have torn the pages.

Make your cuts one side at a time, three or four strokes until you get fairly down into the niche, then do another side, and keep going round and round. No need to use a lot of pressure, more cuts are better. I will over cut my corners a bit in order to get the pages out easily. I pull out the cut pages as I go. When I am done I scrape the inside edges a bit to smooth them out.

Now it’s time for MORE GEL MEDIUM and, of course, clips and waxed paper. Use the brush again to dribble or tuck as much medium as you can into the edges, cover with waxed paper and clip. Let dry.

When they are all dry, I remove my clips and get ready for more gluing and cutting.

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